How to clean the clay pots

How to clean the clay pots

Good morning everyone, today I leave some tips to learn to clean the pots and clay pots.

Do you like plants? Do you love decorating with them? The plants are perfectly in a healthy environment, do not leave mud pots dirty.

Sometimes when you are going to transplant you use the new and the old pot you have to clean it well … even if you are going to use it later.

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<p>If you have clay pots, today I leave you some tips to clean it beautifully. Remember that these types of sherds are great to give a rustic touch to our spaces .. either inside the house, or outside.</p>
<p>But as good as they are, these pots over time also degrade and will break. To make your life longer, there are always certain cleaning tips.</p>
<p>When the pot is empty, clean the inside well using a brush. This tool should be semi-hard bristles, so you can remove accumulated dirt.</p>
<p>It is important that these types of pots have holes in the base area, so that the plant can absorb or get rid of excess water. If they don't have them, do them carefully.</p>
<p>Once the dirt and dirt are out of service, with the help of the brush .. try to recover the inside of the pot with an sandpaper. In this way the porous surface will be renewed.</p>
<p>Now take a brush, if it can be a fat brush and with it, paint the entire interior of the pot. You will paint it with a special resin, which will help you recover it.</p>
<p>Take a first hand and let it dry well. Then apply the second hand, so you will get the plant to be waterproofed.</p>
<p>Finally, when everything is very dry .. wash the pot with plenty of water. In this way the interior waste is easily removed.</p>
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