How to clean up Lavender - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to clean up Lavender – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, in yesterday's space we talked about lavender and some of its uses .. today we want to complement talking a little more about the lavender and how clean it up.

Lavender or also called lavender, we already commented that it is a shrub. This time we also say that it has some branches of elongated spikes. Its flowers are well known in purple.

This shrub is well known for the delicious aroma it gives off, it is intense and fresh. We have already commented that lavender serves as a healing, for the skin, to relax .. and much more.

There are people who even put it on clothes, ancient tradition, to scare away insects or to smell good they put a corsage. But in addition to all this the Lavender is beautiful to have it in the garden, it is widely used in landscaping .. but it is also a beautiful flower to add in our floral arrangements.

If you want to harvest the flowers remember to do it with your hand, when they are open and if it can be in the morning. But in addition to all this, today we have come to talk or rather, to see how to clean up lavender.

If you need to clean the lavender here we leave you this great video. Hopefully it helps you with your bushes. If you were looking for ideas about sanitation of lavender, here is a good video.

All you have to do is click on the link below and it will automatically take you to the web. As you can see Lavender has a lot to say both in decoration and in many other aspects. If you grow lavender, surely the following video interests you …

As a curious fact we tell you that in the visualization the final result is in the form of a beautiful train, hopefully you like it.

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