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How to clean wrought iron furniture and accessories

Today I propose to learn to clean outdoor furniture; items that you have made of wrought iron and you want to clean them well, get rid of stains, possible chipping and repaint them again … either in the same or in a different color. After summer, although I recommend it before and after if necessary, cleaning and preparing wrought iron furniture will be necessary.

Given the environmental conditions of our exterior, wrought iron is a good material to resist water, humidity, heat or wind among other things … but it is also true that we must try to take care of this type of furniture and accessories that decorate gardens , terraces, patios and balconies in a moment. This type of furniture is usually beautiful, my heart captivates me, but of course provided they are well taken care of.

Wrought iron is a fairly common material in the use of outdoor furniture manufacturing, due to its high strength and rustic feel. When the furniture deteriorates, with the passage of time, some cracks may appear in the first layer of paint. This painting, even if it is prepared for external agents, will happen and the water can seep out there.

To clean the wrought iron, the first thing we should do is remove everything that is not iron, such as pillows, cushions, backs … Then take water and a sponge with a little soap, rub the furniture well and ready … let dry . Also check if there is a rust, if so we will remove it with a wire brush or sandpaper.

Then if you need it, you can repaint the furniture or change the color to a more current one. Gives a coat of primer for wrought iron. Then paint the color you want, but with a special wrought iron paint.

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