How to conserve moisture in plants

Today I leave an idea to conserve moisture in our plants. If in your home, the environment is rather dry and you have problems with moisture conservation, you can follow the following advice. Remember how bad is the excess, such as lack of moisture .. plants, to grow well and develop superbly also need this factor (some more than others)

Something that you may not know, many of you, is that adding a second copy in the same pot will be beneficial. Normally we grow a plant by pot, but if you grow two plants and they share moisture, the water does not evaporate so quickly and it is much easier for both to be in perfect condition in a small microclimate.

Maintaining humidity is easier, if you put several pots together, so the effect discussed in the previous paragraph will be even greater. These sets of plants help each other by creating microclimates, with the help of irrigation. So you know, favor your only plant .. looking for some more companions.

Otherwise the cultivated species must have a good substrate, especially if you are going to share space with more specimens to preserve moisture. Another thing to keep in mind is not to put a plant much larger than another … well then there would be no balance and the pot or even the substrate may not be enough for both.

If you know what type of plant you have, you should know that the species you share potting should not be too invasive. We do not want you to take the resources and nutrients of the soil as your own, we want a good balance between both plants. Finally, consider aesthetics, look for colors and shapes that look good … so, in addition to preserving plant moisture, it will also give our corners a beautiful look.

Photo: notesfromnorma

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