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How to create a side table with a pot

Are you looking for a side table? I think you have rarely seen what I propose to all of you today, to make it from a large pot or pot. It's so simple, how colorful it looks… you can paint it the color you like best and just do it in an afternoon. If you have a little time and need a side table, keep reading!

Surely at home you have a pot that you do not use, that you do not like or just keep it. If not, what are you waiting for to buy one! Choose a diameter that is appropriate for the area you need to decorate. You can locate both the auxiliary table inside, as in your outdoor areas … look, this time they have put it in the garden surrounded by fiber furniture.

Choose the pot as large as you want, then you have to paint it very well. You can use spray if you do not want to have marks left or you have never taken a roller or the latter (try to avoid paint marks) If you use spray it is important to wear gloves, do not let children be near and do not do it indoors at home toxic gases (both for us and for our environment)

This creative side table is made with the pot placed upside down as seen in the image. First paint very well in white or the color you like best (you can add some drawing) Remember to add as many layers as necessary until the pot is well covered. Then to decorate a little, add rustic rope around the base of the pot. You can paste with a little silicone.

Then paint the pot plate or find another base that you think is convenient. Put the pot upside down and now add the dish we are talking about. You must glue it very well to the pot, so that the set is not disassembled. Once it is well fixed and painted white, you just have to add something nice on this makeshift table made with a pot.

Photo: thriftyandchic

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