How to create a vertical garden at home

Garden lovers, today I have something special for you .. a series of tips to create your own vertical garden.

Having a garden in our home, can arise in almost any space … however small. You don't have to think big, if you don't have square meters.

Think about the organization, yes … there is no space, does not mean that everything should not be well organized.

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<p>Remember that you have to take advantage of everything you can, think about where you are going to place the garden or the plants you want to put. Also think about the species you are going to plant and the care they require.</p>
<p>Every hole you find can be a potential urban garden … everything can be adapted to be able to grow.</p>
<p>When you choose where it will go, you must take into account the light in that place. If it is direct light or lighting, if the wind is high or not. If there is not much sun in your house, you can plant species that do not require as many hours of sunshine … as spinach, garlic, leeks or strawberries.</p>
<p>Remember that there are many plants that require a lower need for sun, such as radishes, cauliflower or broccoli. But remember that at the beginning of any garden, the sun is indispensable.</p>
<p>You can grow in one or several planters, but the most appropriate and adapted to the place where we are going to put them. There are many different types and shapes .. both ground, to hang, vertical, horizontal or even to put them in a corner.</p>
<p>You can even make some planters yourself, in other articles we have talked about it. With pallets, drawers or even with bags you can create perfect pots for your plants and vegetables.</p>
<p>If you want your home to smell good and also have some condiments for food, plant aromatic herbs!</p>
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