How to decorate a bathroom naturally

If you like to decorate with plants and natural materials, today I leave you with this nice corner of the most natural.

It is an area that is located in the bathroom, you can also make one in yours! An image that I love for simplicity, colors and the use of some natural items.

On this occasion the bathroom was small, so the white color has been used to give more light to the space.

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<p>In a beautiful corner whose wall is made of bricks, but these have been painted in a lighter color .. giving a yellowish effect.</p>
<p>This small space is used to store some things such as towels, tissues and other toiletries.</p>
<p>Although this time we see that the protagonist of the set is a beautiful plant tucked into a vase that looks like brass.</p>
<p>To give a much more natural touch, the stone we see gives that point … it is also a great towel holder.</p>
<p>As you see to give a natural touch to any of your environments, it doesn't take much. With little you can do a lot.</p>
<p>You just have to have a little imagination! This bathroom, of course takes the palm, this space is comfortable, takes care of the details, serves to store bathroom items or to achieve a striking decoration like the one we see.</p>
<p>The idea of ​​adding a large stone, as a method of holding the towel .. seems like a great decorative solution .. especially if you want to give the bathroom a natural look.</p>
<p>Think of materials such as stone, wood and, of course, include some beautiful plant of your choice.</p>
<p>With these small and beautiful details, we will give our bathroom the look we want. I hope you like today's inspiration and put it into practice.</p>
<p>Thank you all for reading!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=apartmenttherapy

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