decorar jardin para meditar

How to decorate the garden to meditate

If you are looking for a meditation shelter, today I leave you some tips to decorate the garden accordingly. Many times I tell you to take advantage of your outdoor areas to meditate you can do yoga, you can do pilates … if you have tried these experiences before, you will surely want to continue in the summer.

If you have a large terrace or a garden, do not leave such a great opportunity to get a little corner for yourself or yourself, to meditate and relax. It is good to start early in the morning making the reverential greeting to the sun, from here what you consider appropriate.

Don't you know how to decorate the garden to achieve this goal? today I leave you a couple of tips to transform it into our little meditation corner. Something very important are the outside noises that sneak in from the outside, this can be avoided by adding large hedges and fencing the garden so as to dampen the noise coming from outside. Try to get a very quiet place.

Silence is paramount, once we have added a pergola or something similar it will be important if we want to meditate on a day in which the environmental conditions they are not the most favorable … air may rise, rain … this can be avoided with a pergola or something similar.

Another tip is to choose, to decorate the garden to meditate, a very quiet surface without strong colors or patterns that distract you. Some simple stones, a beautiful lawn … try to choose surfaces that are not uncomfortable to step on, that do not distract you or that do not get too hot like some stones.

Some things that induce peace are water and flowers, so you can add a small fountain or make your corner next to a stream. You will see what peace and tranquility, you can also choose your favorite flowers, some aromatic herbs but flowers that do not give off too much smell … since we do not want distractions in our corner to meditate what do you think?

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