How to decorate with dried flowers

How to decorate with dried flowers

Good morning friends! Today in Decor and Gardens We talked about dried flowers and their power within the decoration.

Like it has its charm decorate with dried flowersIt also has a touch of charm to our rooms using dried flowers.

Decorating any environment is many times easier than it seems, it is not even necessary to spend much money.

If you have spaces where there is not much light, small spaces … maybe the plants you grow do not develop properly.

If you want to avoid this, in addition to being able to buy other species that can survive in low light .. another alternative is to decorate with dried flowers.

The advantage is that they do not need much care, it is not necessary to give them sunlight, water them or be pending for transplanting. That is why for many people dried or pressed flowers are a great advantage.

Plants and flowers we can dry them ourselves. Another solution is to buy them already pressed and dry to decorate.

These types of flowers are ideal to give sweetness and decorate almost any surface. Perfect for both rustic and contemporary styles.

They can even be used for manual work, adhere them to some support and then place them in our favorite corners.

We can learn to dry all kinds of flowers to decorate, such as roses, poppies, dahlias … flowers with thick stems that have volume for a more attractive finish.

It is the easiest to perform this operation! Today we leave you with this fantastic idea to decorate our spaces. You can make centerpieces, decorate vases, windows, adhere them to a canvas and make great paintings.

If you want to learn to dry some plants and flowers, to decorate any of your corners, in the next article we will talk about it!

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