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How to design a garden

Designing gardens is an activity that never goes out of style, as well as being very rewarding for those who do it and for those who enjoy the results. This has every day has more followers.

There are many things that can be done perform when decorating the garden, many of them will be based on your tastes. In case you have experience it will be easier for you, in case you don't have it it will cost you more work and you will have to take other care, but the results will also be good.

The main thing you should know is that you have to take it easy, without trying to get a design from one day to another, everything will take time and its methodology, so you will get good results. The details are very important.

First you must set the areas you want to have in your garden to distinguish them and organize the rest based on them. It would be convenient for you to have a shady area where there are trees, another area could become a corner for reading or for your rest, in this area you should receive sun so you can enjoy it.

To determine the zones you can help yourself with a paper and a pencil, draw the appropriate distribution observing by which side the sun rises and by which one it sets.

Then you must think about the items you want to have in your garden, these should be based on the use you want to give, think if you want to place a lamppost, plants, greenhouse, barbecue, currently there are different elements that can be used in a garden with a beautiful design.

With respect to plants there are thousands of species that can be placed, you can choose between trees, palm trees, climbing plants, shrubs, bulbous, annual, cactus, aromatic, fruit, vegetables.

There is a wide variety of styles from which you can choose, the best known are the Japanese, you will also find the classics, the Mediterranean, the tropical. If you want and you have good taste you can combine different styles.

Before choosing the species you are going to place Evaluate the soil, weather, wind and pests of the area. Knowing these characteristics will allow you to more easily design a garden.

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