How to design a Terrarium - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to design a Terrarium – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about some great ideas to create our own terrarium at home. If you do not have a garden or you just want to do it, here are some fantastic options to make the terrarium that we like the most.

This lovely decorative solution is ideal to have a little piece of garden inside the home. Select the place you like best and design a decorative terrarium.

These small greenhouses contain the same or similar conditions as those of a tropical environment … such as warm temperature and high humidity. This facilitates that different types of plant species can grow inside the terrarium.

A terrarium can be of the dimensions you want, both small and tiny, medium-sized or huge … depending on the space you have at home, so you can do it.

Small and beautiful mini-biospheres, perfect for everyone who doesn't have an outdoor place like a garden or terrace.

The first thing we need will be a glass jar, of the dimensions you want … yes, its is that the mouth is wide. They can also serve other types of jars such as a fishbowl or even a glass bell.

We have to make the plants that we introduce inside are self-sufficient. The creation is very simple we just have to introduce earth or sand, then place some stones if you like them and cake the bottom well.

The plants that we like will place them with a spoon inside the jar, so nothing will happen to them … be careful with their roots. Once inserted we compress the soil around the roots and add moss or bark .. just to decorate.

Now we pour water, letting it drain very slowly through the glass walls, so we avoid splashing and the glass is stained with dirt. Once the earth is moistened, close the bottle and wait 24 hours.

In this way we will see how moisture is retained and plants will learn to retain this water by themselves, not requiring much light.

With self-feeding plants can live many months without having to be aware every day. Finally we discuss some of the plants you can put in … such as miniature orchids, ferns, moss, African violets, dwarf ivy, strawberries, begonias … etc.

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