How to dry the flowers

Today I leave you the steps to follow, to dry the flowers that you like the most. Autumn may be over and you will find many fallen leaves or flowers that you want to dry. You may have beautiful garden flowers or bouquets, with which you want to decorate and that you want to last in time. But if you don't know how to dry the flowers, today I give you some tips, which I hope will help you decorate with flowers, plants and leaves.

The first step is to decide what type of flowers you are going to dissect, what you want to decorate, where you are going to put them, what colors you like best or combine best with the decoration. Think about the shape, the textures of the plants and choose the design you like best. Once you have this clear, follow some of these steps; You should know that there are different drying methods.

A pretty good one, which I put into practice with a whole bouquet of roses … about 27, in a passion red color … was to hang the whole set of flowers directly face down. I did it on a wall, I hung the bouquet upside down. In this way the flowers do not lose their shape, they are erect when you turn them around and they keep very well. If I remember correctly, I left the bouquet a month of this posture … I may spend time, but the roses were quite thick.

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<p>This method, which I have explained, is called air drying. You can remove the leaves you do not like, cut the stems as you want .. if you are going to put them in a vase or wherever you want. Also try to keep the flowers on the wall, not very bright, but airy.</p>
<p>Other techniques, for drying the plants, is to use the boiling water or putting them in the microwave. It is also worth impregnating them with some drying product that you can find in the market or with glycerin. If you want them crushed, nothing like introducing them into a heavy book.</p>
<p>I think that the best way to dry the plants is the first one I have explained. Of course, there are certain plants that are very fragile, such as hydrangeas, perhaps they are not good because they break very easily … instead, orchids, carnations, roses and the like are quite good.</p>
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