How to give a natural style to your corner

Good morning friends! Today I feel greener than ever and, in addition to decorating the terraces, patios or gardens, I would love you to take nature into your home.

Plants and flowers, as well as natural materials such as wood, glass, sand, stone … we can easily integrate it into our home.

If you have a favorite corner, maybe you can give it a natural touch adding some of these elements. Well combined, there will be beautiful stays.

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<p>You know that from time to time it is quite trending, the use of <strong>green walls</strong>, of natural elements, of images of animals or plants … when decorating any house.</p>
<p>But apart from being or not being a trend, it is honestly something that many people like. <strong>nature</strong> In your home. I think that in this way we can create environments of great harmony, peace and tranquility.</p>
<p>Saying this does not mean you cannot create environments <strong>originals</strong>In fact, there is an immense amount of accessories, accessories and natural ideas that are the most original.</p>
<p>In addition you can always look for more <strong>contrast</strong> using painted furniture, carpets, colored curtains .. use imagination.</p>
<p>Today, for example, I have noticed this photograph … the truth is that it seemed like a perfect place to have a cup of coffee or read for a while while you sunbathe through the <strong>window</strong>.</p>
<p>It is a perfect place, for a perfect decoration! The corner is nice, <strong>comfortable</strong> and also awakens the most natural side.</p>
<p>Think that a small corner of reading or for breakfast, it is convenient to place it next to the window .. so we will have more <strong>light</strong>.</p>
<p>In addition, to make it more natural, a chair made in <strong>natural fiber</strong>.. with a splendid drawing. A small cushion, which seems embroidered, is on this seat to make it even more comfortable.</p>
<p>Next to it is a side table, also in white, but made of <strong>iron</strong> with very natural reasons ..</p>
<p>The vases and candles in white, to give harmony to the set and some flowers to highlight it.</p>
<p>The atmosphere moves between brown wood and the rest of the white decoration .. a very striking and natural place!</p>
<p>Photo: etxekodeco.blogspot.com</p>
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