Cómo cultivar una Mandevilla laxa

How to grow a lax Mandevilla

We will give you some tips so you can cultivate the lax Mandevilla, called by many as Dipladenia or Jasmine of Chile. His name has been dedicated to John Mandeville who was responsible for introducing the species to the European continent after having been for years British ambassador to Argentina.

The genus belongs to the family of Apocináceas, is formed by 100 species of climbing shrubs that originated in central and southern America. The most important species that are known are: Mandevilla boliviensis, Mandevilla sanderi (Dipladenia sanderi), Mandevilla scabra, Mandevilla splendens (Dipladenia splendens), Lax Mandevilla (Mandevilla suaveolens).

When you are in the optimal growth conditions It reaches five meters high. The leaves are ovate with a size of 10 centimeters long. The flowers of five petals are very aromatic, they can be white or red through all the shades of pink. It blooms in early summer.

It can be used in pergolas or walls. If they are grown in pots they should be large since they have large roots that require a large space.

While can live in full sun You can also do it in half shade, but the temperatures should not be less than 10 degrees. It is essential that the soil where you are is well drained. If you want to transplant a specimen you must do it during the spring or during the fall. The risks must be regular.

Just after the end of flowering, a good pruning can be done to give more strength to the plant.

During the summer you can pay it every 15 days, Use a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. It is very rare that it is attacked by the well-known garden pests. Its multiplication can be by seeds sown during the spring or by cuttings in the summer.

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