How to grow celery

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave some tips for cultivate Celery in an easy and simple way.

As I mentioned in the previous article, Celery requires humidity constant to develop .. but not excessive.

By this I mean that you can water it before the water dries. Earth and especially in hot weather … You must water it without letting the earth dry … but do not leave it soaked with water.

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<p>If it's hot and you see that the celery stalks can get a lot of sun, try to cover these with a paper bag. We have to take into account that Celery is tastier if it gets cold, since it withstands frost very well.</p>
<p>However, the sun will make them bitter and to eat them they will not be so tasty. We will take this into account if we are going to eat it.</p>
<p>You can collect the celery whenever you want, once grown up … but if it is to consume, it is preferable that they go through some frost so that we find them much more delicious.</p>
<p>Now, if you want to know something about the germination of Celery I tell you that to start growing the first thing is to have a pot, or a box for the seeds.</p>
<p>Then fill the place with compost or manure and water with plenty of water .. Now add the scattered seeds … here you do not need to have great distances, because we will wait for them to germinate and leave those nice green leaves, called cotyledons.</p>
<p>On the seeds add more compost, but not a layer too thick and caked. Now store the seeds at a temperature of about 16 degrees, well covered all with a newspaper or glass.</p>
<p>Remember that the compost can not let it dry, as we discussed earlier. Try adding water by spraying it and watching it so it doesn't dry out, especially during hot weather.</p>
<p>Now we only have to wait until the cotyledons leave, once this happens we transfer the plants to another place and give them more space between them … about 5 cm.</p>
<p>So that they get used to being outside, you can take them out a few hours a day and so it will harden with the air.</p>
<p>Before the frosts, take the seedlings outside and you can already put them on the ground, in trenches or pots with the separation that I told you in the previous article.</p>
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