How to grow Celery

Good morning friends, Celery is widely used for soups and broths, in addition to many other dishes .. so today I leave you how to grow this great vegetable to enjoy it, its aroma and its rich flavor.

If you want cultivate Celery, you just have to follow these tips and see how it grows healthy and strong. You can also use it for your meals.

Today I leave some tips and in the next article I will add some more things, so that we can grow Celery in our homes.

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<p>It is good to plant it now in spring, so we can pick it up for about five months after planting. Remember that Celery can be planted both in Almácigo, and in a beautiful pot.</p>
<p>If you want to plant it in a pot it is important to take into account its depth, it must be at least 32 cm deep.</p>
<p>If you have a small or large garden, I recommend that there is a space between vegetables of about thirty centimeters between them.</p>
<p>Another thing we should know is the type of soil that requires a vegetable such as Celery. This will grow better and stronger if we avoid the formation of puddles and humidities that the earth may have where we want to plant it.</p>
<p>Well, Celery requires a fertile and moist soil, in addition to deep but as in almost all plants, it does not need excess water … because it can do from when fungus leaves, until the roots rot.</p>
<p>Theirs is to have a fertile soil, moist but not in excess and also add a good mature compost .. although you can also put manure. Remember that with this vegetable it is not going to be necessary, really, to add lime to the soil .. it supports more acidic surfaces.</p>
<p>It is very important to know that this vegetable does not like the sun too much, so try to grow it in places where it is not too much. It needs light to develop, but prefers the shadow .. it holds very well in it.</p>
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