How to grow Cilantro – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today I leave you with some tips where we will learn to grow the fresh cilantro.

Remember that this type of plant can be eaten, quietly, in salads or other culinary dishes .. with a very peculiar flavor, it will add something different!

This herbaceous plant can have, once fully developed, a height of one 50 or 60 cm … yes, if your claim is to cook and eat it, it is not necessary to grow so much because the leaves will be more tender if it is not fully developed.

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<p>If the plant only interests you for the decoration of any of your outdoor areas, it is better to let it grow or develop completely.</p>
<p>It is important to know, as in everything we grow, when is the best time to do it and when we can collect it.</p>
<p>Of the cilantro I tell you that you can have it can last from the beginning of spring, until the end of autumn.</p>
<p>You can grow coriander even in a pot, choose a beautiful one and plant a little … you will see that spectacle of color if you put it next to other flowers.</p>
<p>If you grow coriander in a large planter, make sure the soil is permeable and has good drainage. As coriander needs water and of course, it also needs to get rid of what is not about it … so a good hole will be the best.</p>
<p>Think that the accumulation of water, when the temperatures are cold .. it doesn't suit your roots or the plant.</p>
<p>Like almost all seeds, try to plant the coriander shallowly in the ground. You can sow it at a depth of 1 cm, perfectly because the coriander needs clarity as soon as it germinates.</p>
<p>After about three weeks, you will see the small plants and their pretty leaves sprout .. from this moment on their development will be quite fast.</p>
<p>Let time pass and let the plant reach a height of about 7 or 8 cm .. when it reaches this length it begins to skew the coriander.</p>
<p>Now you can make some divisions in the planter, to make as if they were sections. Once done, let a week go by and then turn around.</p>
<p>In this way the cilantro will always remain fresh and can be taken or used as a culinary supplement.</p>
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