How to grow eggplants

Don't you know how to grow eggplants? Baked, fried, battered … the eggplant is simply delicious for many dishes. If you want to grow it and have your little garden at home, here are some tips that will help you. Growing this type of plant is not as easy as other types of vegetables or fruits.

Eggplant cultivation can be a bit of a despair, since it is a very delicate plant and we have to have some experience or knowledge prior to cultivation. However when you know a little more, about this plant, you will see how you are taking the trick and you will have your eggplants well maintained and perfectly developed.

It is essential to grow eggplants first in a greenhouse, this is because they are so delicate that the wind, other temperature, rain or pests will cause them to spoil. So grow first in a greenhouse, if you do not have it … you can do it at home but try to have it in a place that does not have very abrupt temperature changes (otherwise it is impossible for them to be born)

The eggplant grows well in hot climates, even when you want to transplant it you have to do it when the earth is hot, when the temperatures are higher. Try not to damage the roots in your transplant. When you go to cultivate, think that the eggplant plant is large, so if you are going to plant it in series you should leave enough space between those behind and those in the row next door … at least 30 cm away. You must also use balanced fertilizer and add it every two weeks.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, if you are going to start from scratch. This way you will not run the risk of eggplants dying. I also remind you that water is essential for this plant and especially in hot weather. Now, in summer, the eggplant is encouraged to give us many more fruits and will be much more vigorous than in other times. To avoid pests, water the plant only at the base and not the fruits.

But it is also true that you have to be more careful, in times of heat, with pests and lack of water in the plant. In summer try to keep the soil of the plant with some moisture, never let it dry. I remind you that you can plant eggplants both in soil and in pots, but the transfer has to be carefully and we must protect it from wind and low temperatures.

To collect the delicious fruits, make sure that they are not very small, when they have reached about 15 cm in length or a little more. When collecting these fruits, try not to spoil the rest of the plant, so use a knife to remove them.

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