How to grow garlic at home

Good morning friends, today we will talk about the garlic cultivation.. but this time in our own garden inside the house.

If you don't have a garden, maybe that one terrace or balcony so cute can help you for this pleasant activity.

Nothing like cultivate, in this case garlic … so when they are ready we can self-supply a little by dressing salads, stews and some of your succulent dishes.

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<p>If you like to grow and want to know <strong>how</strong> <strong>plant garlic</strong> At home, today I give you some great tips so you can start whenever you want.</p>
<p>Remember that almost everyone can create a small <strong>orchard</strong> at home, simply and inexpensively.</p>
<p>But first we have to have some basic things like a <strong>gardener</strong>, potting substrate, garlic and your balcony or even a window that you have free.</p>
<p>One thing to keep in mind is that you can use any garlic head to grow, like the ones you buy on a regular basis .. it is not mandatory to use <strong>seeds</strong> of garlic.</p>
<p>Let's go by steps, let's see .. the first thing to do is take a head of <strong>Garlic</strong> and go disassembling all the teeth.</p>
<p>Now take the planter or the pot where you want to grow and fill it with <strong>substratum</strong> for pots</p>
<p>The next step will be to bury the teeth of <strong>Garlic</strong> in the substrate. You have to put it with the end you see thinner, pointing up.</p>
<p>The cultivation of garlic requires the light of <strong>Sun</strong>, so place the planter or the pot where it is.</p>
<p>It is important <strong>to water</strong> cultivation on a daily basis, it is important that the soil does not dry out.</p>
<p>Little by little, with the passing of a few weeks we will see the <strong>you kill</strong> of garlic .. which can be consumed at the moment .. if you want fresh garlic. Another way to consume it will be to let them dry and in a few months more garlic heads will come out.</p>
<p>Photo: livetoeat-megha.blogspot.com</p>
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