How to grow Kiwi

How to grow Kiwi

Do you like kiwi? If you want to learn some basic tips, to grow this refreshing fruit, here is some useful information to get you started. This delicious fruit is very beneficial for the body, it also helps constipation and contains a lot of vitamin. If you want to grow kiwifruit, follow these steps.

The kiwi can be grown in a pot, taking the black seeds it contains (although they can also be bought) Take a large pot, with a soil very rich in organic matter. Then spread the kiwi seeds, over the earth and add more soil. Finally you should water with plenty of water .. but be careful not to flood the pot. To finish and thus maintain moisture, until germination, we must put a plastic on the pot.

Now place the pot in an illuminated place, but where the sun does not directly … then you will not get strong specimens. Let a few days go by and you will see them begin to germinate. When you see the first green leaves (seedlings) we should take them out. There must be several, as many as seeds you have planted. So take each one of them carefully and transplant them in another pot (in this way they will become individual plants)

Once planted in a new pot, you can take them outside … yes, as they are small still remember not to leave it too many hours in the sun. If it's hot it's perfect, but if there are frosts .. these plants run the risk of dying. Theirs is to grow them in a warm or temperate environment.

When it comes to growing kiwi, we can choose to sow seeds or buy plants in a nursery. The first option is slower, since we will have to achieve good germination to get strong and resistant specimens

If you have outdoor areas, an idea … when your kiwi plants have grown a little more, you can plant them near somewhere they can climb (trees, walls …) .. since this plant is climber. Remember that kiwi does not like wind or frost, they are very sensitive to these factors .. so take care of it.

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