How to grow peppers at home

Do you want to learn how to grow peppers at home? Nothing more and nothing less than you can do it in pots, pots and planters … when you do not have a more open place or a garden area, where you can make your own crops. But these crops or these small orchards, you can also make at home.

If you want to have a garden, try to grow what you like most in pots … yes, think that not all vegetables suit the same climate, the same watering or just being growing with another type of vegetable , which are not very friendly in development.

But vegetables and vegetables can also be grown in pots. The pepper is a delicious vegetable widely consumed in the Mediterranean diet. It's delicious fried, or at least I love it; It is also great roast or stuffed, in salad or with a great stir. Pepper has many uses in food, if you want to plant peppers keep reading.

Because of its Peruvian and Bolivian origin, the pepper plant is accustomed to high temperatures, thus locating the pot in a well-lit place, in areas where the sun and high temperatures are achieved, above 20 degrees.

The pot, where you go to grow the peppers, must have a minimum of 30 cm in diameter. You must fill it, with a mixture of black earth and leaves, to the edge. Now distribute the seeds evenly, to finish covering with more soil. Remember not to expose the seeds and the first shoots to the sun's rays, at the beginning it is very delicate. When it grows, it gradually accustoms the plant to the sun.

When it comes to watering your crop, always try to do it on the ground. Spray water on the ground to penetrate to the roots, it is best to use a sprayer. In this way we will moisten the earth and not throw it away. Do not touch the plant and less the fruit, when watering or handling the pot.

Depending on the type of seed you have used, the germination and harvest time changes. It usually takes 15-20 days, but there are seeds that do not germinate until two or three months after planting. When the plant is about 15 cm tall, you can remove the weakest stems. Let your pepper plant develop and grow, then you can reap the delicious fruits.

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