How to grow potatoes on the terrace

Planting potatoes on the terrace, it is possible, today I leave you some steps to follow to get this delicious tuber! If you want to plant potatoes, but you don't have space, think about planting them in a pot and placing it somewhere outside (even if it's small)

Something to remember, to plant this great food, is the sun; They need a sunny place to grow and develop perfectly. It is better to grow potatoes during the month of March, depending on where you live. Use a single potato to get several of these delicacies.

Choose a very deep pot, where to locate a potato that has buds of about 4cm. Fill the pot with fertile and well aerated soil. Your potatoes will grow from 90 days, so they will be ripe to eat them. The perfect environment ranges between 13 and 20 degrees.

During all the time you should be careful with irrigation and if there is frost or windy, on the terrace, try to protect the plant. Potatoes are highly sensitive to rot, which is why we have to take care of the irrigation and prepare the pot so that there is no standing water inside. Something you can do is place a layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot and before planting.

Also at the beginning of growing the potatoes, we should not water anything (if the soil has moisture) Wait to see the shoots and then go watering moderately. Over time you will begin to see the fruits, and you can add them to your most delicious recipes. Potato chips, in salad, for baking .. there are many ways to make them.

As you can see, even if you don't have much space, if you have a sunny terrace … take advantage of the moment and plant potatoes … or any other type of vegetables you want. With this step you can create a small garden at home and consume what you grow.

Photo: theguardian

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