How to grow radishes – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today I leave you some tips to grow radish. Perfect for some culinary recipes or eat it as is.

Something that you have to take into account and be informed, is the type of soil that is needed for the radish to thrive.

This soil must be rich in nutrients and also be very wet. Radishes grow very well in wet places.

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<p>So plant them in soil or in a pot, remember to add a good compost and measure the amount of acidity the soil has … if it is too much, add lime.</p>
<p>Irrigation is important, since radishes grow best in ever humid lands. Therefore, do not let the earth dry.</p>
<p>Try this one, always stay wet. So water regularly and especially in hot weather.</p>
<p>One tip is not to soak the earth too much, we should also avoid puddles. Just be always wet.</p>
<p>Remember that radishes grow better in places where the sun, so always be aware that they have moist soil.</p>
<p>Try to have hours of sunshine a day, with a minimum of four hours … but if they are more better they will develop.</p>
<p>You can sow few radishes, but try to make them every fifteen days. It's a good advice.</p>
<p>When you collect them, do it when you go to eat them because if we leave them for a long time they become hard and will not have the best flavor.</p>
<p>Try not to grow for a long time, when they are ready try to eat them and if you have planted many give away some.</p>
<p>In the next article I will talk a little about the germination of radishes. I hope this information helps you a little to plant this type of vegetation because they are good to eat them fresh and in other types of dishes.</p>
<p>Thank you very much for reading!</p>
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