How to grow rosebushes in pots

There are different varieties of roses that when they are adults they do not occupy a size too large. If you want to grow roses in pots, an excellent alternative is to choose dwarf species or miniatures.

Always remember that roses are plants that, for their correct development, need a lot of sun. It is necessary to water the soil and not the leaves, since if the leaves are wet it can promote the appearance of fungi.

It is necessary that the rose bushes have a correct fertilization, it is necessary that fertilizers are applied from the middle of the spring until the beginning of the summer, the fertilization should be done every 15 days.

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<p style=To help in the birth of the new flowers you must remove the flowers that are withered or already dry. During winter it is necessary to prune its branches.

We advise you to remove the rose bush from the pot every three years, for that you must remove two thirds of the soil and cut the same proportion of roots. Remember that roses can be affected by different diseases that cause fungi, such as oidium (usually known as white mold), black spots, mildew or rust. Remember to check your rose bushes periodically to see if the leaves show signs of any disease.

The rose bushes must be placed in pots that must be deep. The ideals are those that have an amphora shape, because they give it greater depth are having to steal space.

You must calculate about 40 centimeters deep for miniature roses and 50 centimeters deep for floribundas. The biggest problem with these rose bushes is the irrigation, you must be careful with the amount of water you put in, you should not pass or fall short.

While rose bushes placed on the ground can last three days (during the summer) without receiving water, potted rose bushes need daily watering.

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