How to grow the bean plant

How to grow the bean plant

Good morning friends, today I leave some tips Basic for all those who wish to plant beans in your garden, patio or terrace.

The bean It grows in almost any type of soil, though applying compost. For optimal growth, clay soils will be better.

The bean plant can be grown both in soil and in a pot. His time of harvest It is usually 90 days after planting. I also tell you that it is preferable to sow it now in spring or autumn.

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<p>A secret is to add some wood ash to the earth, mixed with it. Ash adds potassium to the plant.</p>
<p>To facilitate the cultivation, try to leave the seeds about 24 hours in water to soften them. Thus the small plant will leave before.</p>
<p>Like many plants, the Bean also needs the sun to grow healthy and strong … but it is also recommended that they be given a little shade … so plant them where the sun is but not for many hours.</p>
<p>This type of plant has something good and does not need much water .. just water them two or three times a week.</p>
<p>When you go to collect the fruits, think that if you let the pods dry, the beans can be taken dry and stored as food for cold weather.</p>
<p>You can also cut the tips of the plant when they are a good size, they are the most tasty and perfect for cooking.</p>
<p>The pod of the plant can also be eaten, especially when it is tender because if they grow more it is advisable to remove the bean to eat.</p>
<p>Well, here I have left you some little tips for planting and growing beans. As I said you can do it both on floors, as in pots of about 5L</p>
<p>If you dare, I hope this information is very useful.</p>
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