How to grow watermelons - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to grow watermelons – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you some great tips to learn how to grow watermelons.

If you like this fruit, you can grow it in your garden or in a yard. The steps to follow are those.

Prepare the soil, where you want to plant watermelons. It must be fertile and soft, also it should give about 6 hours of sunshine daily.

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<p>Leave space between watermelons and watermelons … because when they start to emerge from the ground the pods take up enough space.</p>
<p>Try that, when preparing the earth, it is not too compact .. rather spread it.</p>
<p>Plant the seeds leaving space, if potted plants try to be large and deep.</p>
<p>Remember, also, how important it is that the pots have perfect drainage. With this we prevent water from accumulating inside.</p>
<p>There are a different types of watermelons, you must choose the one you want to plant. This will depend on where you are going to do it, the weather you do or if you have a greenhouse.</p>
<p>To plant in the soil, it is enough to form a slightly concave surface on the ground, make a hole and add the seed.</p>
<p>Place as many seeds as you want, then press the soil a little and that's it … in this way we will preserve the moisture.</p>
<p>After 7 or 10 days, the seeds will germinate. In this process it is important that the soil remains moist and does not dry out.</p>
<p>To prevent weeds from growing around you and so retain some of the moisture your watermelons need, you can put some pine straw near the plants.</p>
<p>This is done once they reach a certain height, try to keep the earth from getting too hot from sunlight.</p>
<p>Once the flowering plant, the irrigation will be every three days if you see them dry .. if they are wet do not water them.</p>
<p>If it gives too many hours of direct sunlight, you can always plant taller plants to give them some shade.</p>
<p>Photo: projectwelcometomygarden</p>
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