How to grow watermelons? Learn in a moment!

Would you love to grow watermelons? And you don't know how to do it? today I leave you the steps to follow to grow this delicious fruit and so, to be able to eat it in summer. If you love fruit, surely watermelon will not be one of the desserts that are lacking in hot weather, since its high water content and that peculiar flavor, refreshes even the hottest afternoons.

Growing watermelons is not complicated, in fact you can do it both in the ground and in a pot … everything will depend on the space you have. If you have a garden, it will surely be much easier to grow this delicious fruit, however you can grow it in pots, very deep.

Anyway, to grow watermelons, you should know that you have to leave space between fruit and fruit since the pods that will come out, take up enough space. At the moment I leave some small tips to learn how to grow this delicious fruit. Being clear that they can be grown both in soil or soil, and in a pot, the steps are as follows.

Find the right place to plant watermelons; This space should be a large, sunny and spacious site (either on the ground or in a pot) You should also consider the weather in your place of residence, also if there are low or high temperatures, if it gives a lot or little sun or if you are going to make use of a particular greenhouse.

If the place chosen, to grow watermelons, gives more than 6 hours of sun daily, it is convenient to add something to offer shade to the watermelon plants… if not, you might think about growing them in another place, since it is not good for them to get too much sun … especially at the beginning of the crop.

Once you have chosen the place, you have to prepare the land very well. Remember to fertilize it, gently, no strong components. It is important not to leave the soil too compact, but rather loose (in soil and in a pot) Now, if you are going to plant in the ground just create a groove or a hole in it, then add the seed and go. If you are going to plant more seeds, remember the space you should leave so that the pods do not fall on each other, when they grow.

It is important, if you are going to plant in a pot, that it has a perfect drainage so that water and moisture does not accumulate in the pot and in the roots of the plant. To do this choose outdoor sherds, with holes in the base part. You can add as many seeds as you want, always respecting that there is a certain space, yes when you spread them then press the surface of the earth a little and that's it.

After a week or 10 days at most, you will see the seeds germinate … a wonderful show where the process should not run out of moisture. Try to water the soil, so that it never dries … it is very important that watermelons do not run out of moisture. If weeds grow uproot them, since they retain the humidity of the irrigation (An idea is to put something drying like straw near the plant) When the plant has bloomed, watering should be less often … every three days or so, but always check the state of the earth … if it is wet, not the watering

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