How to have a wonderful garden

How to have a wonderful garden

There are many tips for plants, to grow, so that your specimens develop correctly; also to avoid pests, to prepare the soil before cultivating or to transplant your favorite plants. There are many things we can do to make our garden wonderful all year long.

The tips for plants, which I propose today, are aimed both for the garden and, also, for flowers that are in an outdoor or indoor pot, for plants that we have on the terrace, on a balcony or in the patio. Get the most out of your green spaces.

Three things to consider are weeds, pests and consequent diseases of your plants, and pruning. It is clear that irrigation is also important, as is the temperature and the environment where your specimens are being grown, or the garden soil or the pots. Here you have three tips for plants.


To combat weeds, which form in the garden soil, the first step will be to learn to use anti-weed nets. This will not allow any type of plant or land, but in some we can have it as a solution. Although more things can be done.

Among these things, placing gravel, peat or pine bark, on the base and around the plants, will prevent weeds from being born. It is a simple solution that will avoid many headaches. What do you think? Another great solution is to start them directly. With good gloves and appropriate tools, go tearing weeds. Try to water the earth, the day before, so that they are softer and easier to tear. You will see how over time, they will emerge weaker and weaker.


Pruning is used to get rid of branches and leaves that are dead or sick. In addition we can beautify the plants, to give a more decorative appearance with them. But in addition to being something to decorate, we ensure that our plants develop properly with great health.

When we are going to prune look at the diseased branches that are dry or broken, some annoying segments, certain ramifications that are exaggeratedly large or, for example, fruits that are rotten or in poor condition .. withered flowers .. etc.


It is important that you monitor your plants, to detect possible pests or to avoid them. Examine the leaves, the underside of them, also look at the stem. Look for anomalies in its coloration. This will help us prevent or determine the type of plague our plants have.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a specific product such as insecticides or fungicides. In this way we can get rid of pests and diseases. It is an idea to use another type of bugs, against some pests such as the aphid. In this way we will avoid some pest attacks. For example, ladybugs are good insects.

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