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How to improvise a shower

Good morning friends, today I tell you how to improvise a watering can at home, very easily and economically.

Remember that the shower is a tool Basic gardening. We must always have one on hand, also depending on what we are going to water can be more or less large, change the style and shape.

If you need a shower and you don't have one, you can always make a good way easy and fast..

We will also be contributing in some way to recycling. If you also want to take care of your environment, it is a practical way to do it.

If you want to know how to improvise a shower, you just have to take a container of plastic that you have, it can be of the product that is and that has been sold out.

Before you throw away the container, think about turning it into a magnificent and practical watering can. So functional, as easy to make .. this container will provide your plants with the water they need.

If you dare to do it you just have to get a plastic container, which has the cap.

Wash the bowl very well, with soap and water. It clarifies well, because we are going to fill it with water for your plants and we don't want them to get intoxicated and die.

Once washed and very dry, we set it aside. Now take the cap, the container … this is the fundamental part to improvise a shower …

With the plug and a punch or something similar, practice some holes in the lid. This will suffice for water to flow out here.

If you want to check it, open the tap and put the water cap, see if the holes are well made and ready.

Now you can fill the container with water, close it with the cap and ready to water all your plants.

As you see more economical can not be and also the easiest to do. Here is how to improvise a shower.

We are waiting your comments!

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