How to keep the grass bright

Good morning friends, today I leave these tips to keep our lawn always bright … and more now that the hot months arrive.

Normally the grass needs more water in summer, since temperatures and the sun can dry it out excessively.

If you have natural grass and want it to be much brighter and revitalized .. here I leave you these summer tips.

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<p>The good maintenance of your lawn will make it always in perfect condition, but an oversight could ruin everything.</p>
<p>To keep the grass in good condition you have to cut it regularly, this will help it to grow stronger and stronger.</p>
<p>If you water the grass, in summer with frequenting, it will tend to grow more and will stay hydrated on the hottest days.</p>
<p>Try to mow the lawn every 15 days or so, you'll see the difference. In addition you will also notice that when it is hotter the grass grows less .. so it is possible to reduce this time.</p>
<p>It is also essential to think about possible grass pests, which could fix their dwelling on it if you cut too much. In addition you will also lose brightness.</p>
<p>Avoid fungi and pests by cutting your lawn too short. Another trick is to prune this one, when it is dry and not wet.</p>
<p>As I said before, water the lawn abundantly … especially in hot weather. If it rains a lot, it is not so necessary.</p>
<p>In addition we have to fertilize the soil well, to give nutrients to our grass. It is very important because a fault could make it look pretty ugly.</p>
<p>It is important to know the type of grass we have at home, as there are several types and logically everyone has different needs.</p>
<p>I hope these little tips help you to make the garden brighter and your plants are much stronger.</p>
<p>photo: apexpestandlawn</p>
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