How to keep the ponds - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to keep the ponds – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space we will learn to keep our ponds clean.

If you have a garden and have a pond, you will surely be interested in some tips to keep it in perfect condition.

Regular maintenance of your pond is necessary for proper water balance. With a few simple and simple steps, carried out periodically, the ecosystem will remain intact and we will create a shelter to keep a good balance in the pond you have to follow a few simple steps.

It is necessary that the water is oxygenated correctly and for this the movement is essential. Installing a small pump we can move the water so that it is oxygenated, also creating small waterfalls and planting plants that favor oxygenation. Hottonia palustris and Potamogeton lucens are very decorative and at the same time oxygenating plants.

Regular cleaning of the pond by removing the fallen leaves of the trees and any plant material that may have fallen into the water. It is also important to clean the banks of the pond regularly. If we have deciduous trees near the pond it will be interesting to place a net above at the beginning of autumn. Clean the pump filter, remove the algae that can form and prune the aquatic plants in the growth phase.

Control the population of fish in the pond, hyperpopulation will make it difficult to oxygenate the water and there will also be an excess of dejections that will alter the water quality. The food of the fish must be taken with moderation, they must be eaten in the first five minutes of throwing it away. Bear in mind that the food we eat will only be a food supplement, the fish will feed on the microorganisms present in the pond water. The Biodiversity.

Little is needed for the fragile balance of the pond ecosystem to be disturbed:

A stagnant water, without movement is an immediate source of problems, rots quickly and immediately smells bad.

The decomposition of vegetables, fallen leaves of trees, flowers and others induce the decomposition of an increase in nitrates and phosphates that alter water quality.

Too hot heat and the lack of shade added to the decomposition of organic matter favor the growth of filamentous algae that cover the aquatic plants and the water surface

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