Make a bird feeder

How to make a bird feeder?

In this holiday season, we tend to look closely at the gifts and presents that we can give to those who share our day to day with us. Well, if we have a beautiful garden that is usually visited by birds, then we cannot stop recommending you to play it for making a bird feeder, something that sure if you have small children will also love to observe them there in the afternoon.

What do I need to make a bird feeder?

If we have convinced you and want to try your luck when making a bird feeder, the only thing that you will need an empty soda bottle of 1 or 2 liters, which will depend on the amount of birds that visit you, some twigs of wood, a wire or string, and the tools that are needed to carry out the process, both a drill and small wooden bars.


Step by step to make a bird feeder

Once you have all the necessary elements, the first step will be to remove the label from the bottle, wash it well and let it dry. When ready, we take the drill and make two holes in the bottom, where we pass a wire from where we will hang it. Then we make two other holes to pass the little pieces in a crossed way, as an X, and fill half of the bottle with a mixture of seeds, placing a stopper.

If you see that over time the birds begin to approach the feeder that you have prepared for them, you can add more and more seeds to it, because they will run out faster and so you will not have to be so aware of it. Further, We recommend that after making a bird feeder, you take the time to test which are the favorite seeds of the birds in your area, changing them from time to time.

Have you been able to make a bird feeder with this tutorial? Have you done any before?

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