How to make a flower with tomato skin

Make with the skin of tomatoes, beautiful flowers to decorate. You can use them both to decorate dishes, to eat or decorate other works. If you are going to get rid of the skin of the occasional tomato, do not throw it in the trash .. think before making beautiful flowers like these, of course you will not find them more natural!

So you can see the things that can be done, with the simple skin of any tomato. In addition I leave the images with the various steps, which must be done. As you see in each of the scenes, it is perfectly detailed how to make this flower. In nine steps you can also get a very similar one.

The important thing is to take a knife and tear, gently in circles, the skin of the tomato. As you can see the spiral is drawn, with the knife, on the tomato. In this way when you start to peel the skin, you will see that it comes out in the form of a strip. You will easily see that the skin strip is already curled in itself, this is what we are going to take advantage of to make the rose or the flower.

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<p>As you see in step four, you have to cut the tomato base attached to the skin strip. This base, by folding and shaping the flower, will serve as the small central seed. You see that simply by using your fingers and gently curling, you can make a pretty flower. Locate the seed in the center area and fix it there.</p>
<p>With this technique you can make different types of flowers and, for this, you can use different types of peel. Now tomato skin has been used, but you can use apple, pear, cucumber … although you know, as long as the peel comes out well, the flower will be perfect. I hope you like the idea as much as I do, greetings to all!</p>
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