How to make a flowerbed in the garden

How to make a flowerbed in the garden

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we will talk about how to decorate the yard, making a great flowerbed.

If you have a good lawn and want to decorate it, nothing better than a small flowerbed Performed by you pampering. It is a practical and effective solution because you don't have to do much.

The first thing we do is a small scheme, drawing large curves and organic shapes … use templates if you are going to make circles.

The hose or a chain, can also be a rope, can help you create the shape in the garden. Then you can paint on these shapes with a spray and so the shape will be fixed in the place where you are going to put it.

Once this is done, add a few cards or newspapers on the inside surface of the bed. We adhere to the earth by digging a little over the contour. With this we achieve a barrier for weeds and it will not affect the plants that are grown, root well.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary barrier. It does not influence the crop since the paper breaks down after three months or so.

Dig over the entire inner contour of the flowerbed, you can make a strip of about 25 cm and it is not very deep, hence what we have said you will not have to dig … a lot.

You can do this using a straight shovel. The land that comes out you can add it to the placed cartons.

Then place an anti-weed mesh in the ditch and on the mushroom we put the first row of bricks. Then inside the parterre put some bags of manure or some substrate to make the soil.

When you have all the bricks, go up the plants to the height you want and plan according to what you are going to grow. Then fold the mesh into the parterre and cut the excess if there is. Leave about 15 cm that you will fix with staples to the floor.

Finally add shallow mulch and plant the plants you want. Fill, if you see that it is necessary with a little grass or decorate with other types of herbs the hole that remains if you see it empty.

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