How to make a garden

Good morning everyone, today I give you some basic tips for you to have your first orchard in great condition.

If you love nature and always wanted to have an orchard, but you don't know where to start .. follow these little ones tips They will help you during this beautiful work.

Having a garden is very interesting and we will also have vegetables and vegetables from our own harvest.

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<p>Find a place to put it, no matter if it is small … just think about the location and the amount of sun or daily light it can give.</p>
<p>It is good that, to start with the garden, choose one or two plants … so we will go slowly and if something goes wrong we can plant again, letting the earth rest for a while.</p>
<p>They can be aromatic herbs or make some sprouts … it is easier than taking care of vegetables, when you have never done any of this.</p>
<p>When you start mastering the subject, you can add more plants and more seeds. Something important, before planting, is knowing what we are going to grow and what needs the species we have acquired have.</p>
<p>In this way we will know what type of land they need, how much water, how much sun exposure and when to harvest.</p>
<p>Keep in mind that some species are not good for them and that they grow together in the garden, as they are not compatible.</p>
<p>Each plant needs a space to grow and develop optimally, without interfering with the one next to it.</p>
<p>Depending on the species they will need more or less space and you may even need to grow it alongside other different species.</p>
<p>You should worry about the soil, as it is, if it lacks something for which you are going to plant. Hence we will buy good soil, with many nutrients .. so that the soil is fertile.</p>
<p>The fundamental thing for plants to develop optimally is a good soil, so that they feed on it … and to obtain energy a good irrigation and sun.</p>
<p>It is important to know if your plants need more or less water, more or less hours of light, if they are strong against frost .. at what time of the year it is advisable to plant them ..</p>
<p>You can discover all this by informing yourself about what you want to cultivate. In our space we try to offer you information about many items to plant … such as garlic, cabbage, lettuce, onions, herbs and many other vegetables and vegetables for your garden.</p>
<p>Anyway, I recommend you start with herbs or plants that are relatively easy to get ahead. I also have some article on how to make a good compost … so it's just a matter of reading a little.</p>
<p>I love talking about nature, the earth, fruits, orchards … and that is why today I do not have time to follow, but in the article tomorrow I explain how to create an orchard, in a small space.</p>
<p>It's not that complicated and when we have a little practice, you can plant more things and eat from your own efforts!</p>
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