How to make a homemade greenhouse

How to make a homemade greenhouse

Good morning friends! In today's space we tell you how to make a home greenhouse as simple as possible.

It is very easy and we can have the species that we like the most or even plant aromatic herbs for our culinary dishes.

Having our own greenhouse will allow us to grow throughout the year, as we recreate the ideal conditions of temperature and light so that the plants develop properly.

You can make a small greenhouse, so we can put it almost anywhere. It also becomes the ideal hotbed.

With this greenhouse we can grow vegetables and plants, plants to decorate and this throughout the year.

You can create your own greenhouse built with a thick irrigation hose and wooden slats.

The hose will provide a durable and flexible structure, but rigid enough not to deform.

You can cut the hose with a jigsaw, very easily. The base made of wooden slats, uses metal handles, to anchor the hose sections.

It is very versatile because with imagination we can make many types of different structures and different sizes.

When you have the structure made, you just have to cover it with a low density polyurethane plastic. You can also put any plastic that allows the passage of light, but at the same time have resistance to not burn your plants.

Practice some holes in the plastic, this will help air to enter, have good aeration and allow pollination.

Place your greenhouse in a sunny place, when we are in the coldest months of the year. Avoid shady places unless you have an alternative lighting and heat source.

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