How to make a pot with an egg

Good morning friends, today we see a pot made with eggshell. The truth, a pot charm you can have at home to plant something you like.

Of course I eat decor It is surprising, original, curious, attractive and most attractive to have this pot of eggshell.

You can manufacture how many pots you want and if you don't want to use them this way, you can always use them as a centerpiece for a day.

It is very fun to do, you can even make it with the help of your children! If you want to make small pots with eggshell, here you have the materials.

– eggshell, as many as pots you want to make

– land

– seeds

– You temper in case you want to paint them

– a beautiful base to support small pots

The first thing we do is April the egg with such care, that we do not break it but by the top of it.

Take out all the contents of the egg, which you can use to eat it, and wash the shell well. Let it dry very well.

Now put the small pot in a safe place to work with it. You can make an eva rubber base or other material that you like.

To fix the egg to the base, you just need to use a little glue in the shell and another in the base. Paste and let dry a few minutes.

Once dry, you can work with the pot .. now is the passing of the tempera. You can make the design that you like, a simple or perhaps more complicated one.

You can also paint the egg of a single color or several, you can make stripes, dots, dots and everything you like.

Let the colors dry very well and voila! Now it is only necessary to carefully fill the shell inside the earth and add a plant or a seed. Water a little and decorate with them!


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