How to make a rockery

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with some ideas to decorate with rockery in our gardens and outdoor spaces.

Remember that the rockery is a composition, to define it in some way, to decorate these spaces that we must now take advantage of in good weather.

This type of composition usually has several plant species and variants thereof. In addition, they are usually provided with natural stones, that is, without having been previously touched.

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<p>It is done this way to preserve the natural state of the stone and that this one of dynamism to the composition in general.</p>
<p>The rockery is perfect to decorate, above all, spaces with rugged terrain. It is very beautiful in the garden, right in the central area or in entrances to them … although this is a matter of taste.</p>
<p>Normally you can see rockery of species such as tulip, daffodils, bells or even thyme … among other plants.</p>
<p>If you like them, you can also use small bushes to decorate. But remember that the tallest plants, in the rockery, go in the central area.</p>
<p>Around these will go the species of medium plants and then the small ones … With this it is obtained that the set have certain harmony.</p>
<p>We will also look for this harmony in the colors, both of the plants and of the flowers and stones … you will see that result so attractive.</p>
<p>Although you see that there are several rules, when composing a rockery, we must try to make the final result as natural as possible.</p>
<p>This is what gives beauty to this type of compositions. I hope you all like it and, so that you also get an idea, I leave you some photographs.</p>
<p>You can make rockeries of all sizes that you want or can. I hope you dare to do some in the garden.</p>
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