Como realizar gajos

How to make a slice

We will give you some guidelines so you know how make segments or cuttings. This method of reproduction is very easy to perform, it is ideal for some common plants.

Keep in mind that it is a simple and rapid multiplication technique that can only be performed for some species, including geranium, rose bush, peppermint and rosemary.

Step 1 for reproduction by segments or cuttings
In the first place we will have to select a part of the plant that can be cut without causing damage. It is best to cut a stem that is healthy and flexible. It will be enough to have 7 to 10 centimeters, a pruning shears should be used. Always remember to protect your hands with gloves.

Step 2 for reproduction by gajo or cuttings
When you have the slice you must remove the leaves that are on the bottom and prepare the container. We fill a plastic container with a seedbed substrate, this compound has all the elements that allow a correct production of plants, whether it is done by cuttings or if they are made by seeds.

Step 3 for reproduction by segments or cuttings
Before planting the segments, a base in rooting hormones must be created in order to stimulate root development. While it is not essential to do so, it will make the task easier. You can use a product in powder, liquid or gel.

Step 4 for reproduction by segments or cuttings
Then we must proceed to plant the segments in the pot that was already prepared. Enough space must be left between one plant and another so that they can develop well.

Step 5 for reproduction by segments or cuttings
Place the pot in a glass vase and water the soil, then cover the top of the transparent protective plastic container. This way, the necessary humidity can be maintained while it is being formed.

Step 6 for the reproduction of segments or cuttings
When a few hours have passed we will see that the water begins to evaporate and condenses in the plastic. Only the container should be placed in a well-lit place in the house so that the segments begin to form roots and develop in the best way.

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