How to make a sprinkler by recycling a plastic bottle

Recycling plastic bottles is very easy, there are thousands of things we can do with them. One of these great ideas is to create a functional sprinkler, practical and economical. With a single plastic bottle you can do it and keep watering in the garden.

If you need a sprinkler or several of them, with plastic bottles it's very easy to create them. Here you have some images where we see the steps to follow. We must have a hose, a bottle, something sharp and a little tape.

The first step is to make a series of holes in the bottles, to facilitate the exit of the water. DO NOT make them too large, but distribute them throughout the container. You can do this with a sharp object such as a cutter or the tip of the knife. After this, with the help of the insulating and adhesive tape, we glue the hose to the nozzle of the bottle.

Remember that the bottle will be filled with water through the hose. Ready the previous steps, give pressure to the hose and you will see how the water comes out. As you can see it is a great idea to practice recycling at home. If you have a small garden, where you would like to add sprinklers, these will be quite economical and practical.

You can create them with bottles of different sizes, depending on the space where you want to put them. Remember that watering your plants and grass is essential. Depending on the time of year we are in, they will need more or less.

The time at which we must water our plants should be early, in the morning or late afternoon. This is a great way to retain moisture throughout the day. On the other hand, I advise you not to over water the plants, that is, not to "water them". The plants will run the risk of perishing.

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