How to make a vertical garden with plastic bottles

Good morning friends, today I leave you a great idea to make a beautiful vertical garden made with bottles from plastic.

Yesterday, for example, I talked a little about how to make or organize a orchard In small places. You already know that with some advice and some simple alternatives it can be achieved.

Today I would like to leave a video where we will see how to make a vertical garden. This was a nice proposal yesterday.

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<p>I think it's a pretty smart solution, of <strong>to take advantage of</strong> the maximum space. Although it is not necessary to create such gardens in large houses, the truth is that it can be quite beautiful if done well and with pleasure.</p>
<p>It doesn't matter how big the wall is or how small it is … vertical gardens have two functions … to decorate and also manage the space.</p>
<p>The latter is so, because it also serves small spaces .. for people who want to have a garden at home, but do not take place on the ground.</p>
<p>The wall is a space, currently very used for this type of natural solutions. I think it's a fantastic idea, besides doing it with recycled materials.</p>
<p>So take some <strong>Plastic bottles</strong>, to use them as pots is a great thing to recycle and help the environment a little.</p>
<p>Take advantage of all those bottles you have and make pots to make a beautiful vertical garden on your wall.</p>
<p>If you want, you can paint them in color and if you like them to be transparent, but you don't like the plug .. either remove it or you can paint it in a beautiful color.</p>
<p>In this way we will also be able to save expenses. A garden can carry a certain cost … but with these pots made from plastic bottles, we will also cut a lot.</p>
<p>I hope you like it, here is the video that will teach us step by step to build this garden.</p>
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Photo: swmm2000

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