How to make homemade compost

Hi guys, today I leave a small article on how to compost at home. It is easy to follow the steps, but remember that it is a tedious thing and takes time.

Making compost in our home will help us save on the substrate for our plants. It also helps recycle shells, dried leaves, pruning remains and others.

If you want to make your own compost, follow the steps below:

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<p>The first thing is to choose how we are going to do it and how, if you are going to use a compost container or composters or in a lot. Think about where you want to accumulate the organic remains.</p>
<p>Try that where you put the container or where you make the compost, it is a place collected, sheltered from the cold and wind. It must also be warm!</p>
<p>Now go filling the container with a dry and rather woody layer. You can do it with manure, to serve as a ferment.</p>
<p>Now add another layer of organic remains, go alternating layers of dry materials, with another wet. You can choose many materials such as straw, dried leaves, remains of other crops.</p>
<p>Go adding some layer of old compost you have or manure, so it works like yeast. You can also add moistened ashes or rock dust.</p>
<p>Go adding layers and when you take more than half of the container, stir everything well. You must do this when the materials are decomposing!</p>
<p>Then go watering occasionally, especially when the compound is or you notice it dry.</p>
<p>Continue filling the container, also alternating layers. Once decomposed, continue stirring and airing.</p>
<p>After about four or five months, the layers below will be perfectly fermented. You can now remove them to use the compost in your garden.</p>
<p>If we have done well, you will notice that it has a pleasant smell, a soft texture and its color is dark.</p>
<p>As you can see the steps are simple and clear, but you will need time for the materials to decompose.</p>
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