How to make homemade self-watering pots

Today I leave you with some self-watering pots that can be made at home using plastic bottles. If you are going to be a few days away and you must leave your plants alone, they will help you a lot. Today I leave you a great solution. It is very easy to do, in fact you can do it before you leave, quietly at home.

When you return, you may already have your first buds, it will be fantastic! If we are to leave the plants for a few days alone and they are species that require special care or more continuous irrigation, we must do something. This advice is based on recycling plastic bottles, to make pots that self-supply alone. You can use soda or water bottles that, sure, you'll have at home sooner or later. Keep some empty and clean plastic bottles.

Then, with scissors or a knife, cut the container 2/3 of its base. Then take the plug and drill. When you have made the hole in the lid or plug, cut a piece of string or cord. Pass this piece of string through the hole you made earlier. The rope should be about the length of the bottle.

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<p>For our small pot to take shape, place the top of the bottle upside down. Now take land and fill in this part, also plant some pretty flower seeds that you want to have. On the remaining part of the bottle, try to fill it with water .. always fill the bottom. Water should not touch the area of ​​the earth … as you see the result is great for the objective we want, because if we leave you just have to fill the area below and your plant absorbs the water when you need it.</p>
<p>But you can put the whole set in a pot or pot that you like, so the plastic bottle will not look … in case you do not like the result, although practical and efficient, it is not the most beautiful thing to decorate.</p>
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