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How to make organic compost

Do you want to learn how to make organic compost? It's easy, it's very simple … you just need patience, some time and food scraps. The compost so essential for our plants, can be obtained in stores but can also be done at home and in total, if you have to throw traces of fruit and food peels … why not take advantage of them for the garden, for your plants, flowers, grass?

To make organic compost, we must first make a composter. This is basically a place to introduce (based on layers) all organic matter over time. This container can be made of wood (like a kind of drawer) or with another type of container, but its thing is that it is large so we will get more material. You can make a square or round composter.

In this drawer we have to throw all the remains of waste materials. These remains are characterized by being fruit peels, skins thereof, traces of vegetables, vegetables that are not well, food that has been left over and you think about throwing it away (this should not be done) you can add more moist and dry materials (such as straw or maderillas); You can also throw the autumn leaves. It is important that, in order for the compost to work out well, we will air and move the elements so that they do not get too tight in their rotting process.

We will be disposing all these remains based on layers, without making much pressure for the air to flow. Add layers of sawdust or remnants of plants and grass, to make it heat. The heat makes all the ingredients and wastes that you have thrown in your compost, rot before. You can cover the composter with plastic as a lid (but before closing try to moisten the compost)

In two or three months, depending on certain factors, everything accumulated will become an organic fertilizer rich in nutrients so that all your plants, including potted plants, develop strong and healthy. What do you think?

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