How to make pots with cans

Good morning friends, today we will see how to make beautiful pots from cans.

If yesterday we saw how to give a more rustic touch to any of the pots that we have at home and we want to renew, today I explain how to make some cans of food, beautiful pots.

Different, curious and most beautiful .. well they will not seem, when you are finished, that once were cans of canning.

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<p>If you dare, I leave the steps and the link to the web where we will see better how to do it, without losing detail.</p>
<p>If you look you just have to have a can, some rope, scissors, some moss, plant, soil and some water … then something to make some holes.</p>
<p>The first thing we have to do is take the can of canned food, it can be as large as you want, such as meatballs, lentils or smaller ones such as tuna or pate.</p>
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