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How to make snail shell pots

Good morning friends, today I leave you this fantastic image where we can see how to decorate with pots of snail shell.

It is very simple and the truth, nothing particular. I love the original decoration and if it has to do with plants and flowersI love nature in general.

The tranquility and peace that the plants It is something that hooks when decorating with them.

It's a good time for cultivate and plant everything we want, but do it in a very artistic, unusual and particular way … is what we see next.

Where I live there are many snails and unfortunately some of them have died for the son, they have dried up ..

The good thing is that its shells remain intact and the truth, they are quite hard .. especially the largest.

Just as we take shells from the sea to decorate, we can also do it with the shells of snails.

On this occasion, as we can see in the image, we see that these fantastic shells have been used as a pots or sherds.

It is something quite curious to see and the best thing is that we can also do it, it is a very inspiring idea and concept, in my view.

If you can get some snail shells, the first thing we will do is clean them very well.

Then we just have to add a little substrate and grow what we like best .. a little water and wait for it to germinate.

Remember that the dimensions of these makeshift pots are very limited, so it will be necessary to think about the type of species we are going to plant and what it requires.

Being also a way to decorate the kitchen, the patio, the garden … you can plant aromatic herbs, small cacti …

If the plant needs more space, you can always transplant it to a larger pot and so on.


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