How to mow the lawn - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to mow the lawn – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good Morning! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to give you some good advice on how to deal with lawn mowing. If you have a nice garden at home, with lawn, maybe these tips help you take care of it correctly.

Usually it is said that the best months to mow the lawn are in spring and autumn, especially once a week if you want to have the perfect lawn.

The important thing is that we must mow the lawn, because otherwise it becomes more difficult to do this and it will take us much longer than it should.

When you go to cut it try to be in the morning and especially be careful with the dew that usually sets at night, it can be dangerous for electric mowers … also the grass would not be well at all.

When it comes to mowing the lawn of your home, think at the height that you want it… ideally, do not exceed 5 cm in height .. to keep it usually yours is to cut it again before it reaches 10 cm height.

The way to cut the grass, the length, will vary depending on what we use it for. Imagine that you have children at home and have a pool or go to the garden a lot … that lawn will always be more trampled … in this way the ideal is to keep it longer.

Finally, everything you trim from your lawn, you can recycle it in a certain way making it fertilizer .. as long as the lawn has not received any chemical .. you can add the remains of cut grass in your own vegetable crops for example, or at the foot of trees if you have, of bushes … etc.

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