How to multiply your plants

If you want to know how to multiply your plants and, thus, save on garden money .. today I leave you with a great trick. Surely you will love it, you can have all the plants you want, but spending little money.

Surely you would love to buy new species, decorate the garden as you want. But if you don't have much to invest, this trick will be quite useful and practical to learn how to multiply plants.

If you have plants at home, at zero cost, you can make new plants emerge. Try to use the oldest you have and make cuttings with them. Depending on the variety of the plant, you can divide the bushes too.

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<p>The option to divide the bushes too, is very simple to do … it is not a complicated procedure at all. The important thing to keep in mind is to separate the bushes from the plant you already have. For this, separate the pieces with a knife. Be careful not to remove the leaves and roots.</p>
<p>Prepare a pot with soil and then plant the divided piece. You should have the plants always wet, do not let the earth dry. Keep moisture and try not to take the new specimen outside. Do not let sunlight give them directly and less the wind.</p>
<p>On the other hand, cuttings are achieved by cutting small branches and leaving them in water. When you see the roots, they will be ready to plant. Follow a basic and ready maintenance, you will have a lot of new plants, at a low cost.</p>
<p>Finally I tell you that not all plants serve to do this! But there are many that do, so I hope you find it very useful. In a short time you can have many plants with which to decorate the garden or the interior of your home.</p>
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