How to organize your crops with cork stoppers

How to organize your crops with cork stoppers

Today I propose to organize the crops using cork stoppers, yes the typical ones of bottles of wine or another drink. Surely at home you will have this little material, you may even keep them and have several. Particularly I usually keep these caps to do things at home, for example put them in vases and decorate them.

Normally the cork stoppers that I usually keep, are those that belong to special days such as anniversaries, birthdays, a New Year's Eve … etc. You can choose those that you like and use them to organize your crops. It's easy, take a look at the pictures I leave you and you will understand what I am talking about.

Surely you will have seen some decorations where they use these corks, I have also seen them widely used as small "decorative pots" where the chosen plant is inserted inside. Normally the flowers to be used are succulent, since they need little care and little water … so they decorate perfectly and last longer.

But this time the corks will help us distinguish those crops that we have at home both inside and outside. Ideal to distinguish aromatic herbs or other species, corks can be inserted into a wooden stick. As if it were a rod, prick each plug and go. Then you just have to write the name of what you have sown.

decorate with corks

When pricking try not to break the roots, if there are any, try to do it carefully. In addition to being very useful for organizing the pots, the stick itself will also tell us if the soil contains excess moisture … so it is good to remove it from time to time. Likewise, if it is a tall plant, but the stick and the cork will not be very strong, it will help it to grow straight without being riveted. It is a colorful idea that, at the same time, becomes something quite useful … because we are recycling corks and at the same time giving them a function. What do you think?

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