How to organize your spices with jars

What do you think about having spices well organized, recycling jars or jars that you have at home? Surely great, it is an idea that in addition to recycling those boats that we do not use, it also helps to maintain a certain order in our kitchen. In addition you can always grow aromatic herbs, this idea will spill endless delicious smells.

To aromatize the kitchen, to add to your dishes and to decorate this space, it is a good idea that I present to you. I also think it can be done easily, that's why I like it so much. The end result is quite good, I think it is because of the way in which they put the glass jars, this being practically diagonal.

Attached the jars to a good support, they will look great. In this case it is a wood, you can take the one you like best. Remember that you can fix the jars both to a base or support, and to the wall itself. With rings that hold it well, you can put in and take out the bottles quietly.

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<p>This way you can change the spices you have inside, empty and clean the jars and change them for others that you like more. On this occasion we see that they have planted oregano, widely used to add to pasta and cilantro that you can use in salads. It's easy to make this great organizer.</p>
<p>An orderly and clean kitchen will make it look much prettier. If you also want to decorate it, you can use some plants like the ones we see. The aromatic herbs will also give an exquisite aroma to the rest of the room. It is a good way to do something with the jars we have at home.</p>
<p>Jars of food or cans or plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are very easy to recycle, you can also cut them if they are too long, easily. I hope you like the idea as much as I do.</p>
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